Exhibitions and Installations

The Recollection Room
Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney


'The Recollection Room' is an interpretation of the school house founded by Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph in 1900.A central plinth encases exhibits. It denotes the earlier divisions of aisles and rows of desks, but allows the space to flow with the room's new role as a place of recollection and private thoughts.

The plinth concludes in a wall that displays changing photographs. Behind the wall a space is revealed in which artefacts are viewed through openings, suggesting the visible and invisible nature of spiritual experience.

"There is an unusual level of cohesion here between the design and its conceptual and museological basis - both are unusually layered with symbolism and metaphor."
(Naomi Stead, Architecture Australia, November-December 2001)

Curated with Sally Gray
Photography by Sharrin Rees