Architecture and Archaeology

Dawes Point Archaeologial Site


Situated beneath the southern approach of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Dawes Point is one of the few sites in Sydney which contains archaeological remnants from the first decade of colonisation. It is named after William Dawes (1762 - 1836), a Lieutenant on the First Fleet and the astronomer of the colony's first observatory located on the Point.

An Interpretation and Signage Masterplan was prepared in collaboration with Kathryn Grant of kfg design for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. It interpreted the archaeological remains, integrating the site's indigenous and European history, and expressing the unseen and fugitive aspects of the location.

The Masterplan received an 'Excellence in Planning Award' from the Royal Australian Planning Institute.

Reconstructed view of the observatory by R. Bashford, with sketches by W. Dawes.