Art Consultancy and Writing

Constantly Circling
William Robinson

William Robinson's paintings of domestic interiors impart the atmosphere of whole civilisations built from personal lives. The settings are often morning in its mood of renewal and indecision over the final shape and weight of objects. The rooms are pervious with windows, open doors and reflections; their contents flow onto verandahs. The walls and furniture seem to support and to protect the invertebrate life of human feeling and sleep.

The interior scenes present entire worlds shaped by the architecture of family relationships. The series of Creation landscape paintings holds a sense of the earth as an interior setting for humanity. Corridors, doors opening into other rooms, and mirrors become the passage ways of gorges, sudden views of cloud formations and ground which is permeable with reflections of the sky. The vast structures of nature unfold, lean over each other and create a cradle of space at their centre.

(From 'Constantly Circling' in 'Darkness and Light The Art of William Robinson'
ed. Lynne Seear, Queensland Art Gallery, 2001
William Robinson, Creation Night Beechmont (detail), 1988,
oil on canvas, 143.5 x 193cm. Laverty Collection, Sydney